Zulu Ahki Redeye Feenix and Hull Beats Bus fight back against Knife Crime…

No More Knives Campaign

We are very proud of brother Zulu Redeye and the members of the Hull Beats Bus team who have partnered with local organisations in Hull to put together a high impact campaign tackling the rise of knife crime on the streets of the UK.

Redeye and the team have been working hard and produced a large scale public event in association with Humberside Police and their community team which took place on Saturday 2nd of March next to a large piece of public art called the ‘Knife Angel’ which is touring the UK.   The art is a large piece of sculpture created by artist Alfie Bradley as a tribute to the families and victims of knife crime which is 27ft (8m) high and made of 100,000 blades which have been collected through knives which have been confiscated or handed into the police.

MC Redeye and the other members of the Beats Bus Team will be releasing a single tackling this issue very soon and are in the process of recording the music video at the moment.

They will be continuing to work with Humberside Police and taking this important work into the community live and direct using their mobile Hip Hop classroom the Beats Bus.

Big love to the whole Beats Bus team!

Here’s a sneak peek.
No More Knives trailer

Zulus unite to promote the importance of focusing on positive relationships

Got Your Back

On Feb 21st 2019, members of the Universal Zulu Nation UK Chapter united with agencies to help promote the importance of knowing where the line between positive and negative personal relationships begins and ends.

The brainchild of the agency Eskimo Soup who designed, produced and delivered the great event, we were honoured to be able to contribute to the event by providing artists to deliver a mix of performances and themed workshops which used embedded learning to help the attendees of the event to understand the message of the event in new and interesting ways.

Zulu members; King Flowrex, MC Cameo Brooks,  Bboy Namiuki and graffiti artist Trik9 performed alongside world champion turntablist DJ Rasp, WBC, Commonwealth and IBF boxing champion Tommy Coyle and grimes rising stars, Chiedu Oraka and Deezkid to provide an evening of great workshops and informative but fun activities followed by an incredible line up of music in the venues main auditorium.

One great highlight was Cameo Brooks and his rap workshop which encouraged students to explore the theme in order to write verses to be included in an original piece of music and then working on confidence building towards performing the new work called ‘Got Your Back’ live on stage with him later in the event.  Other work included Trik9 painting a themed mural and teaching participants the basics of graffiti art and encouraging them to have a go at painting parts of the mural with him to allow them to contribute to the work.

The event brought over 450 people aged 14-19 to the venue for the evening’s activities and it was a great and positive project.

Got Your Back wants you to know where to draw the line. Relationship abuse usually emerges from seemingly insignificant events, and progressively worsens over time. When someone is abusive, it is because they are seeking control over their partner. Ultimately, Got Your Back want you to know that if you are suffering from abuse, it is never your fault.

As an organisation, we have had experience of allegations being made against one of our founders in the USA from a very long time ago (1970’s), unfortunately, we were never able to get to the bottom of such allegations but we want to make sure that we are forthcoming and help address such issues, this highlighted the need for us to do what we can as an organisation to also put in place safeguards and systems to help people and let people know they are not alone and they can feel free to ask us for help should they need it. There is also a list of links below that people can use should they want to report anything or find out more.

Find out more at about relationship abuse and domestic violence at www.thehideout.org.uk

  • If you want advice or someone to speak to call Childline 24/7 on 0800 1111
  • If you are over 16 and you want help and advice call Hull DAP on 01482 318 759
  • If you want to speak to the local Police in a non-emergency situation call 101
  • If you are in immediate danger always call 999

Zulu Recordings UK

Press Release

Straight Outta Asgard!

Title: Infinity Roar

Artists: TJ Chill and DJ Agent M

Label: Zulu Recordings UK

Straight out of the gate the first release on the new record label Zulu Recordings UK, comes one for all comic book fans and hip hop heads alike, Infinity Roar by TJ Chill and Agent M.

Commissioned as an original composition for a project to link Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars ahead of the forthcoming release of Marvel Avengers Endgame with renowned producer DJ Agent M and UK Hip Hop legend TJ Chill collaborated to create a rallying anthem of epic proportions.

Brimming with Marvel multiverse knowledge and an exceptional a beat that sounds like a perfect call to action to fight against the universes biggest badass Infinity Roar is the call to action which could overthrow multi-dimensional tyrants and stop them in their tracks.

The song is the first of many new Marvel related music releases as part of the Zulu Recordings commissioned project which will feature a whole host of artists over the coming 12 months.


BBC Introducing’s Alan Raw said “This one is a sure fired feature on my playlist, brilliant UK Hip Hop sound!”

Zulu King Flowrex of the Zulu Nation said “Infinity Roar is the best UK Hip Hop release I’ve heard in a long time, the production is flawless and TJ Chill packs a power punch of Thanos Infinity Gauntlet magnitude with his blend of comic book knowledge and stylings of the original UK Hip Hop emcee.




Insta: ZuluNationUK

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Infinity Roar is available on all major music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer

Infinity Roar! on Spotify

Infinity Roar! on Deezer

Infinity Roar! on Youtube

Apple Music/Itunes Link coming very soon

Merchandise from the single can be purchased on the following link:
Infinity Roar Merch